Impartial Christian Ministries is a 501c3 woman-owned company designed to educate disciples of Jesus in Biblical studies. We specialize in applying ancient Near Eastern history, culture, geography, and languages to the biblical narrative so modern disciples can understand the Bible in its original context.

We know that most Jesus-followers have a desire to dig into the biblical text more than modern devotions allow and so we strive to bring high level biblical scholarship to the general population in a unique blend of scholarship and personalized devotional material.

Each class is built to work for a group or individual study.

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"I love this study so much! Now, it almost feels pointless to read [the Bible] and study without all this context!"

- Brooke Young

Journey through the Bible Lands

Each course is illustrated with pictures from the Holy Land

Discover Ancient Paths

"It's hardly a fish who discovers water" -unknown

Uncover the "water" which surrounds modern understanding, and shed the pool for the deserts of antiquity.

Hi, I’m Audrey Lupisella!

I am a passionate student of the Bible and the ancient Near Eastern culture, history, and languages with an MTS in Biblical Studies, a Cert. in Biblical Languages, and have also lived in Israel to study Classic Rabbinic Literature with Jewish rabbis and learn the physical geography of the Bible lands. I love to dig into the biblical narratives in its real time, space, and context and discover how those things affect our modern understanding of God as He has revealed Himself through history.